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Protect Your Eyes From Blue Light Damage

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For the frequent screen users out there, these fashionable blue light blocking glasses are the solution to your digital fatigue problems. Whether you’re a gamer, smartphone user, tablet artist, or working from home your eyes are searching for relief, Blu-V Specs is the solution.

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10-Layer Coating Protection

Reduce Digital Eye Strain & Headaches

Fashionable for Any Face Shape

Lightweight and Durable

Reasons You Will Love Blu-V Specs


Minimize Eye Fatigue

By simply wearing Blu-V Specs, you decrease your chances of experiencing Asthenopia (aka Eye Fatigue) caused by blue light emission from computer screens and digital devices.


Prevent Sore & Dry Eyes

Staring at a screen for long periods of time and prolonged exposure to blue light will cause uncomfortable sore and dry eyes. Protection from harmful blue light will help avoid the discomfort and imbalance to your eyes.


Avert Blurred Vision

Blue light scatters more easily than other visible light, making it not as easily focused. Digital devices that emit significant amounts of blue light produce unfocused visual “noise” reducing contrast which can contribute to digital eye strain and blurred vision. Wearing Blu-V Specs will reestablish the focus, minimizing the chances of experiencing blurred vision.


Avoid Headaches

Blue-V Specs block the admittance of harmful blue light wavelengths from entering the neural pathway from the eyes to the brain that ultimately prevents headache pain.


Promote Restful Sleep

Sleeping is a necessity. When you’re exposed to blue light outside of daylight hours, your circadian rhythm is inhibited, leaving your body confused and lacking healthy sleep. Wearing Blu-V Specs will eliminate the confusion, giving you and your mind the deep sleep it needs each night.


Reduce Mental Fatigue

Over exposure to blue light upsets your sleep, therefore affecting your mental health, but when nighttime light exposure is unavoidable or unwanted, blue light blocking technology is the answer to supporting mental health.

10-Layer Protective Coating

Blu-V Specs are a necessity in today’s digital age. With UV400 built in, the 10-Layer System of Coating Protection specifically reduces glare, resists scratching, and reflects the harmful blue light rays from penetrating your sensitive vision. When blue ultraviolet light is filtered out, your eyes are protected from releasing toxic molecules that live in photoreceptor cells which could lead to macular degeneration or AMD.


145° Arm Extension & Build

Built with ergonomics in mind, the aeronautical magnesium alloy material built into these glasses offer an ultra-lightweight, sturdy, and comfortable long-term wearing. The connective spring legs allow for a 145° extension bend, preventing unwanted pressure and promoting regular blood circulation.


Fashion Forward

Designed to fit every face, these fashionable frames will turn heads with its classic and modern style. The casual frame design keeps you looking professional and stylish while working or playing video games.


Blu-V Customers

So impressed!

starsGina H. - Sept 3, 2020

I am so impressed! I’ve been seeing ads for similar glasses for 65.00 a pair. Was so thankful to find these here but was uncertain about quality. They fit SO great and are not too heavy. They definitely provide nearly immediate relief from the massive amounts of screen time I put in as a recruiter. So in love with the look and I have a round face shape and feel like these are very flattering. Excited to see if they help with my night time driving too. Will update. So impressed with packaging too. Comes with case, cleaning cloth, testing kit and mini screwdriver to keep hinges tight! Five stars all around!

imagesYes, I recommend this product.

You will forget you have them on

starsKelly L. - Aug 29, 2020

I’m addicted to my devices. A few friends had mentioned these blue-light blocking glasses, and I was intrigued. I was drawn to this 3-pack for variety and also so I could leave them around the house in my most common places to post up with my laptop. Plus it wasn’t much more to get this 3-pk vs a single pair; that was an easy decision. I had corrective eye surgery ~12 years ago, so I’m very much out of the habit of wearing glasses. I actually forget I have these on, they’re so light! Added bonus: my husband said they looked cute. 💁🏼‍♀️

imagesYes, I recommend this product.

Extremely helpful with eye strain and headaches due to screens

starsSharon Q. - Sept 17, 2020

I absolutely love this product!! I use my laptop to do most of my work, so I'm constantly staring at my screen. After 2 weeks, I noticed my eyes were straining to read the screen and I began having migraines. Within a couple of days of using this product, I saw huge results. I wasn't squinting as much and my headaches gradually disappeared. I highly recommend this product to anyone that is having the issues that I was.

imagesYes, I recommend this product.

Great glasses at a great price!

starsMatthew H. - Sept 20, 2020

Received my blue light blocking glasses and compared them to my old “blue light blocking” glasses from another company and realized that my old ones never really worked. I’m so excited about these ones! They are so cute and a great value for the money I spent!

imagesYes, I recommend this product.

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We Are Sure You Are Going to Love Your Blu-V Specs Blue Light Protection Eyewear

But in case you're not satisfied, we are offering you our 30-day money-back guarantee. Return your package for a full refund.


Do blue light blocking glasses actually work?

Yes. Blue light blocking glasses can help prevent harmful blue light emitted from digital screens, phones, TVs, from reaching your eyes. Many studies have shown that wearing blue light blocking glasses can reduce eye fatigue and improve quality of sleep.

Can blue light blocking glasses help you get better sleep?

Constant exposure to blue light can negatively affect your body's natural production of melatonin; it is the hormone that aids you to get a better sleep. Before the smartphone days, blue light exposure mostly came from natural sources. But today, Americans spend at least 9-12 hours a day interacting with a digital device.

Who should wear these glasses?

Anyone who spends a significant part of their day looking at their phones, using their laptops, watching TV, should consider investing in a pair of blue light blocking glasses. Avoid symptoms of digital eye strain and/or sleep problems before it's too late.

Why BLU-V Specs?

BLU-V Specs are intended for both daytime and nighttime use. The lenses have a scratch-resistant coating and can provide 100% protection from harmful blue lights emitted from digital devices.